Emfuleni Local Municipality Auction

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Auction info:

10:30 Hans Strydom Street, Vanderbijlpark
11:30 Eastman Street, Vanderbijlpark
13:00 General Smuts & Van Reebeeck, Vereeniging

04 Oct 2016
at 10:30

Auction description

Vehicles, Trucks, Tractors Trailers, Transformers, Electrical Cable, Scrap Metal, Furniture, etc There are three different sites First Site: Auction Starts at 10:30 16 Hans Strydom Street Vanderbijlpark Second Site: Auction Starts at 11:30 3 Eastman Street Vanderbijlpark Third Site: Auction starts 13:00 General Smuts & Van Reebeeck Vereeniging ALL REGISTRATIONS AND ADMIN WILL TAKE PLACE AT GENERAL SMUTS & VAN REEBEECK, VEREENIGING


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